Hot foil stamping:
Foil Stamping is the application of metallic foil, often gold or silver to the article where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on substrate. It can also be a pastel foil having various patterns. It can be flat, opaque or colored or white special film-backed Material.

Silk Screen Printing:
It is most suited for round bottles giving sharp crisp print. There is a limitation of number of colors as single color is transferred at one go. High speed multiple color printing machines are now available. UV inks in combination with UV driers are a faster printing variation of silk screen printing

Pad Printing:
This is accomplished using an indirect offset printing process that involves an image being transferred from the printing plate via a silicone pad onto a substrate. Physical changes within the ink film both on the cliché and on the pad allow it leave the etched image area in favor of adhering to the pad, and to subsequently release from the pad in favor of adhering to the substrate (material being printed). The unique properties of the silicone pad enable it to pick the image up from a flat plane and transfer it to a variety of surface Multiple station printing machines are now available allowing transfer of 4-5 colors.